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HealThyRam is an initiative of Virtual Studio (P) Ltd (; Estd.1996) to help realize the wellness of Body, Mind & Soul, a cherished aspiration of all individuals towards our contribution to adding value to our society which we live in.

For this aim we have created a social networking global marketplace platform capable of offering the deepest of values of Ancient Indian Wisdom supported by today’s modern technology. This is the core ideology of HealThyRam. We align our actions, ambitions and conduct towards the Vision, i.e., promoting wellnes.

HealThyRam brings renowned organizations / individuals on board, service or product providers in the field of wellness. These must have established proven credibility. HealThyRam leverages power of social processes and intense collaboration of likeminded energies enabling end beneficiaries avail facilities, of the ancient Indian wisdom and modes of healing.
The wellness experts (Individuals) are facilitated to conduct customised online events, webisodes offering live services including classes, consultancy and discourses. These are live as well as offered as on-demand streaming. Categories include Homeopathy, Ayurveda & Siddha, Acupressure, Energy healing – Reiki & Pranic, Vaastu, Astrology. Food & Nutrition is also included, plus any other innovative theme. A lengthy, intimate and repeated involvement of the wellness protegees and their beneficiary target audience. Which in turn give feedback, testimonials and star ratings.
The wellness shop provides wellness products through e-commerce. Organizations manage product offerings and availability & shipping* themselves via our comprehensive technical support, managing product portfolio on HealThyRam portal dedicated section for them. This is kept refreshed. You can post articles, comments, webcast promotionals**, utilizing our in-house production services at a discounted charge.
Brands / organizations can contact for sponsorship of meaningful thematic online events in keeping with HealThyRam ideologies. Individuals can join as sales representatives of HealThyRam and in return get remuneration.
We look forward to your kind patronage in any capacity. As wellness experts, sellers of wellness related products / services, sponsors of wellness related events, or sales representatives spreading awareness and bringing in expert members, wellness related organizations and sponsors.

In Nov 2011 – we had gladly announced the beginning of PRE-LAUNCH – Phase-1! We have built the the CORE TEAM (Board Members).

Now we cordially invite all well-networked marketing volunteers to register online to join the “HealThyRam Wellness Team of SALES REPRESENTATIVES” at “” on a yearly registration fees. Do contact us for further details. All early birds registering between Diwali and Christmas get free HealThyRam gift hampers!! Plus by helping in registering various User Groups for HealThyRam you get to contribute your bit for adding value to our society by helping an innovative concept such as HealThyRam!

Phase-1: Core team & Partners’ Registrations;
Phase-2: Wellness Expert Members’ Registrations;
Phase-3: Alpha Release

There are Six User Groups in the portal –
–> Core Team – Administrators: – Decision Makers / Promoters, Technical Team & Operative Managers
–> Partners: – Support Services Providers
–> Sales Representatives: – The Wellness Agents / Angels
–> Wellness Expert Members: – Service or Product Providers in the field of Wellness
–> Sponsors: – CSR/ Monetary Supporting Brands
–> Buyers / Users: – End Beneficiary

A core team /HealThyRam Board members are already being empanelled. We request all parties interested to be “HealThyRam Partners” to contact us for offering their professional support services.

HealThyRam Sales Reps: The Wellness Agents & Wellness Angels (Sales Persons) Register on Paying a nominal Registration Fee. Please check the “Join us” link for further details.

HealThyRam Wellness Expert Members: are the renowned organizations /individuals that have established credibility in their respective fields related to wellness. Wellness Experts shall impart useful help while providing their Services and Products at a reasonable price and a reliable quality to their target audience. Paying a nominal membership fee to HealThyRam.

Come help Experts in their respective fields of Wellness to collaborate with us to:
>> Conduct Customized Online Events & Webisodes providing
— Live Services Classes
— Consultancy
— Discourses
>> Provide Wellness Products through e-commerce: “The Wellness Shop”
>> Disseminate content / knowledge through ‘Articles’ in “Wellnesspedia” & ‘Facebook Comments’

HealThyRam Sponsors: Are the Monetary Supporters of the Wellness Segment. Sponsors may or may not be having established credibility in the field of wellness, but they must have keen interest in the subject and willingness to fund our project/various aspects of our project.

HealThyRam Users: The end Beneficiary

> Shall Attend live Webcast of Promotional /Educational Events provided by the Wellness Experts.
> Access the Indian ancient wisdom through our Wellness Experts’ knowledge
> Buy the wellness Products /Services from the online Wellness Shop.
> Avail customized Consultancy
> Attend online Discourse
> Watch Webisodes
> Rate the Product/Service (Star Rating), for their own and others reference.
> Blog and view Experts’ blogs
> Provide Feedback
> Provide Testimonials

HealThyRam categories:

>> Yoga
>> Ayurveda
>> Homoeopathy
>> Food & Nutrition
>> Art for Healing

We welcome you to join our global wellness mission.

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