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Yoga and Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda? | #YesToYoga Talks at

What are the Panchmahabhuta, Prakruti and Vikruti? | #YesToYoga Talks at

What really are the doshas_Vata, Pitta and Kapha? | #YesToYoga Talks at

Know your dominant dosha and causes of imbalance in the doshas? | #YesToYoga Talks at

How imbalance in the doshas cause or manifest into diseases or ailments | #YesToYoga Talks at

Ayurveda's approach in preventing disease and ailments? | #YesToYoga Talks at

Does Ayurveda work for animals and plants? | #YesToYoga Talks at

Myth Buster: Ayurveda is not healthy as it uses Metals for treatment. | #YesToYoga Talks at

Why Agni in Ayurveda has importance in preserving our health? | #YesToYoga Talks at

Prevent formation of toxins with Ayurveda | #YesToYoga Talks at

Dry Skin or Acne? Fix with Ayurveda | #YesToYoga Talks at

Ayurveda for mental imbalance or psychosis. | #YesToYoga Talks at

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