Let’s start with saying ‘YES to Yoga talks’! 

'Say Yes to Yoga Talks'

'Say Yes to Yoga Talks'

Let’s join hands to build the yoga revolution globally! 

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that is much more than just exercise. Both mind and body are brought together through yoga, with the goal of fostering a sense of harmony between the two.

Practicing yoga can help you achieve the perfect harmony between your body, mind, and nature.

The practice leads the individual consciousness to unite with that of the universal consciousness and align with the divine will.

There is a lot of fascinating new research about the way everything in the universe is connected and one of these new discoveries is that everything we see or experience as humans are just manifestations of the same quantum realm.

Yogis are said to experience this unity of existence and in doing so achieve a state of freedom which is referred to as Mukti, Nirvana, or Moksha. Yoga has many benefits that are worth striving for!

The ultimate goal of yoga is to attain ‘oneness’ with self and find a permanent state of happiness.
Let’s join hands to build the yoga revolution globally!

HealThyRam Niramaya Bharat Community

Do Register to Join US LIVE for the second episode of the FREE Event series ‘Yes to Yoga talks – Boosting immunity with Yoga! 

The ‘YES to Yoga talks’ series was launched on 21st June 2022 on International Yoga Day and was the first of the event series called ‘HealThyRam – Niramaya Bharat Series’. It is an online and hybrid event series with a collective mission to connect and work with all wellness experts, masters, leaders, and seekers. 

The driving force behind the series is our simple belief that “A healthy body and a healthy mind are needed for a skillful and Innovative application of any acquired knowledge to bring about Economic Development.” 

We welcome you to join, volunteer, promote and support our initiatives and our journey through our future series!
We have the power to change the world by working together!

Please note that all the HNBC Event Series have the sole purpose to promote the common social initiatives that the community shares. Only such wellness experts may contact us to be promoted in the LIVE/ Hybrid Event, whose expertise is in sync with the suggested topics of the event series!
In case you wish to contact us for doing an exclusive customized event for promoting your own corporate/ organization. You may please contact at www.VSWORLD.com for your customized Virtual and Hybrid Events.

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