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Support to Empower- World Mental Health Day for a soul-enriching and transformative experience that combines the wisdom of mental health experts, the therapeutic power of art, and meaningful conversations to nurture mental well-being. Be a part of something bigger, something transformative. Register now to secure your spot. Together, let’s make every day World Mental Health Day by raising awareness and driving a positive change. ‘Proceed to Register’ @ or use this Google Form link to secure your spot.

Don’t wait. You may Sponsor or support us by registering today. Collectively, we’ll build a path to a brighter, healthier community workplace.

Payment Method (Outside India)

USD Payment Link for booking from outside India:–World-Mental-Health-Day

Payment Method (for India)
Scan the UPI QR code from your Payment app 

Corporate and thought Leaders attending the LIVE Event and Workshop Pay INR  ₹ 2500/- (Rs 2000/- per additional entry from the same organization only)

Online Attendee Community & HNBC Members Pay INR  450/- to book a slot to attend online and participate in the Art for Healing online competition.
If you wish to book your own workshop for your specific organization; please check for details and specification in the T&C section (terms and conditions)*

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Important Dates:

10th October 2023 | 11 AM – 12:30 PM IST:
Grand Intro, Discussion Panel, Musical Cultural, Art for Healing Workshop
Venue: Virtual Studio,  L-5 SDF, IT Block, NSEZ, Phase-II, NOIDA – 201305

10th Oct to 28th Nov 2023:
Online Submission of artworks for Art for Healing Online Competition (Ed. 3)

4th Dec 2023:
Event Highlights @ HealThyRam TV @ Expert Talks VOD, Online R&R, Healing Expressions Exhibition Launch @ – Top 50 artworks of Art for Healing – Ed. 3

Register to reserve your spot NOW for an Impactful Discussion:

Participate in insightful discussions led by mental health experts, artists, and psychologists, exploring the profound connection between creativity and emotional healing. Join us on this transformative journey as we celebrate the therapeutic power of art and meaningful conversations to nurture mental well-being. Unveiling A Wellness Art Extravaganza: Discover Healing Through Art and Conversations, uniting in wellness, on World Mental Health Day

Key Highlights:
Engaging Hybrid Experience: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing blend of art forms, including visual arts, music, dance, and more, designed to inspire introspection and emotional release.

World Mental Health Day Celebration: Be a part of the global movement to destigmatize mental health challenges and create a compassionate world through collective healing.

Secure Your Spot Today: Registrations are open until the 5th of October 23

Who Should Attend?

Corporate heads, HR Managers, and Thought Leaders: Empower your workplace & environment. Join our mental health awareness workshop to ensure your workplace environment is safer and inclusive. Help in making Mental health a positive concept, that encompasses our emotions, our psyche, and our community, work, and social interactions.

Art Enthusiasts: Dive into the therapeutic realm of art, where creativity becomes a channel for emotional expression and healing.

Promoters, supporters, and seekers of Emotional Well-being: Discover new ways to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression through the power of art therapy.

Promoters, supporters, and seekers of Mental Health: Join the movement to break down barriers surrounding mental health and create a supportive community

Why Attend? 

This Mega Hybrid Event is a unique opportunity to embark on a journey toward – wellness and self-discovery. By uniting art and conversations, we aim to empower minds and foster resilience in the face of life’s challenges. Our endeavor is to empower our workplaces and our communities to develop mental health awareness 

How to Join:

This extraordinary event will be accessible both online and in person. Whether you prefer to attend from the comfort of your home or in the vibrant ambiance of the venue, the impact on your well-being will be equally profound.

Event Details: 

Date: 10th Oct ’23


11:00 AM IST  –  Grand Intro
11:05 – 11:40 AM IST – Discussion Panel
11:40 AM – 12:00 PM IST –  Musical Cultural
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM IST Art for Healing Workshop
12:30 PM –  1:00 PM Post Event Tea & Snacks

Venue: L-5, SDF IT Block, NSEZ, Phase II, NOIDA 201305 /

Don’t miss out on this life-changing experience. Register now to join the Unveiling Expressions: A Wellness Art Extravaganza on World Mental Health Day!

Please do come back here For more information and updates. Let’s come together to celebrate the healing power of art and conversations as we unite in wellness and create a brighter tomorrow.

“Discover Healing. Unite in Wellness. Embrace Art.”


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Support to Empower - World Mental Health Day

Support to Empower - World Mental Health Day


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